Multidimensional arts initiative Drifter Projects is pleased to announce its inaugural installment Astronomical Ring, a temporary exhibition opening May 10th 2013, at 481 Broadway from 6PM to 9PM featuring works by Babycastles, Mark Borthwick, Ian Lawrence Campbell, Christine Sun Kim, Antonia Kuo, Carlos Charlie Perez, Richard Phillips, PHYLUM with Daniel Leyva, Myfanwy Shepherd, and Andrew Sutherland Astronomical Ring will be open to the public from 11AM-6PM through May 13th alongside Frieze Art Fair, and on May 14th for private appointments. The exhibition will feature special performances by Mark Borthwick (May 11th), Christine Sun Kim and Babycastles (May 12th), both starting at 4PM.

Founded by Jordan Robin and Veronica Torres, Drifter Projects is an organization that seeks to provide an open and evolving platform for the exhibition of contemporary art. Drifter seeks to provide an open and ever-evolving platform for sharing contemporary works in a society where new media and technology breed dynamic fluctuations in tradition. For its inaugural installment, Drifter Projects has selected the traditional format of an exhibition. With roots in ancient Greek astronomy, the Astronomical Ring was an instrument used to determine time and location. Taking its cue from the archaic navigational tool, Drifter Projects uses this group exhibition to survey and juxtapose contemporary works - exploring how the artists engage, negate or embrace cultural and technological advancements. Drifter deems the term 'technology' an embodiment of the constant evolution of tools at our disposal. It is a timeless term, one that is optimistic and simultaneously nostalgic - loaded with death and rebirth at once. In the service of artists, it provides a means by which we may confront ourselves, our history, and our perishability, illustrating the four-dimensional space in which objecthood and consciousness are inextricably entwined. Embracing sculpture, painting, drawing, video, installation, performance, and games, Astronomical Ring examines the bond between creative desire and the ever-shifting landscape of technology.

Drifter Projects would like to express extended thanks to Adam Uhl for his film of the Babycastles workshop on the occasion of this exhibition, and to Death By Audio and Stephanie Gross for their enormous support of the organization at large; as well as Mila Giesler andJack Chiles who run 481 Broadway and have worked with us extensively to host this exhibition. Drifter Projects profoundly thanks Board Members Steven Chaiken, Byron Kalet, and Bernard Kirschner for their invaluable advice in light of this installment and beyond.